Multifamily Amenity Trends in 2021


Changing multifamily amenity trends reflect tenants’ ever-shifting needs and preferences, and staying abreast of these trends ensures properties remain competitive and appealing to the most reliable tenants. As we enter the second winter of the pandemic, constantly shifting work and school needs and other COVID-19 consequences shape residents’ preferences.


1. Accommodate Online Shopping

Online shopping has been around for almost 20 years, and online revenue increased by 10 percent in 2020 alone. However, for apartment dwellers, securely receiving their online merchandise can be an exercise in frustration, and properties that offer secure reception with easy tenant pick up can stand out from the crowd.

Secure lockboxes that tenants can access 24/7 will impress residents tired of stolen packages and restrictive office pick-up hours. Best of all, the units altogether remove the burden of package receipt, notification, sorting, and tendering from building staff. Instead, couriers access the boxes, leave the packages for tenant pick up, and automatically relock the lockers. 

Tenants will be able to safely receive the most expensive of electronics, avoid the rush of getting to the office during business hours, and staff will no longer be swimming in Amazon boxes.



2. Highlight Work-From-Home Friendly Layouts

It is time to change model units and update advertising photography to draw attention to property features that accommodate working and learning from home. After experiencing months of the whole family operating together in an open-plan living space, many residents now look for units that can provide some separation.

Alternatively, consider creating remote workspaces in little-used party or conference rooms. Things as simple as a few desks with inexpensive collapsible green screens will greatly relieve tenants who need a quiet, professional environment for a job interview or important presentation.



3. Prioritize Health to Stand Out

Amenities look a little different in 2021, and the best example may be that residents consider advanced ventilation and air purification systems to be amenities. For the first time, prospective tenants are asking about multifamily property HVAC systems.

Put residents at ease by adding air purification systems to communal areas like the office, laundry room, or fitness center. Well-maintained HVAC systems do not circulate air between units, so be sure to highlight this significant safety point. HEPA filters with a MERV rating of 13 or more are the current gold standard for reducing airborne pathogens in residential settings.



4. Don’t Forget the Kids

Parents could use a break right now, and multifamily properties that can make any aspect of parenting easier will have a leg up. One of the best ways to do this is by adding play equipment; even modest items will make a difference, especially if the property is not within walking distance of a playground. Just remember to include a liability waiver in your leasing documents.



Takeaway for Investors

Fortunately, many of the amenities that residents need right now are relatively low-cost to implement. We always focus on new trends in the industry, but just as important is accentuating the amenities in place.