FAQ – Online Multifamily Coaching Program

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Is the MCP for me?

The only way to be sure that this program is a fit for you and you are a fit for the program is to book a call, attend the call, and our staff will evaluate your situation and see if we can help.

We will absolutely not sell you anything unless you will get a massive return on investment. Our success rate is extremely high for those that actually attend the calls and use the program – almost 100% – the reason for this is simply because we only work with people we know we can help. And the only way to know that is to jump on a call with our team.

I only want to invest in apartments, is this coaching program for me?

Yes! You need to know everything in our coaching program to passively invest, actively invest as a full-time career, or to be a full-time broker.  We teach you how to value deals so you can weed out great deals vs. mediocre deals. It’s not uncommon to look at 100 deals before investing in one.

Pro tip: if you are a broker you can buy a deal or broker the deals you don’t buy! 

Is MCP only available to licensed real estate agents?

No! But, you will need your real estate license hung with a broker to legally engage in real estate brokerage activity.

Sign up for your real estate license here

Do I need real estate experience to thrive in MCP?

No! We teach freshly licensed real estate agents from scratch all the way to experts who want to be a top-producer who can earn 6-figure commissions. In fact, our most successful case studies are from people with zero background which Cameron believes is due to them having an open mind and clean slate to mold.

How much savings should I have to begin?

I suggest having 12 months of savings as deals can take 4 months to close, outside of the time it takes to find a deal and get set up initially. If you have less savings but a spouse with a full-time income to support your family then you are ok! 

Can I join MCP if I already work at another brokerage?

ABSOLUTELY! We use this coaching program for our own agents and to anyone that wants the training no matter where they practice real estate.

What makes this program different from all other courses, a real estate MBA, CCIM, or training at a brokerage?

In one word: mentorship.

First of all, this is not a course. It’s a high-level coaching program. It comes with several courses to support you, but it’s definitely a coaching program.

What makes it different is that Cameron was able to build a 7-figure brokerage without any help from brand name or institutional deal flow. 

An MBA and CCIM is up to a 6-figure expense without any real-world deals. I doubt your professors make 6-figure commissions and have been in the real-world for the last 20 years hustling deals and having the pulse of the market. Plus, when you graduate you have debt and no career path. MCP allows you to start right away without requiring a job. You can start on your own from your house for 1/10th of the cost and so much actionable knowledge, with support once you are doing live deals. 

Sadly, most real estate brokerages have pitiful training. Further, in exchange for it, they will charge you up to 50% of all the deals you ever make!!! Yes, your split can improve but even at 80/20 that’s 20% on every deal you give away for free. 

So if you’re someone who wants to learn from the best in the business and someone who has created dozens of 6-figure earners and millionaires from scratch, with the need of a large brokerage, then this program is for you.

Once I watch the videos, what will my work entail?

Talking to every property owner and investor in your farm radius at least once per quarter. I spend 2-4 hours per day prospecting with the rest on nurturing my leads and following up on my prospects, leads, and existing pipeline like clockwork via phone calls, voicemail and emails. 

Can I take this course with a spouse/friend/sibling?

Yes! But we will only provide one login and only one of you can ask questions on the coaching calls. This coaching program is about personal attention so unless you both sign up please expect only one of you to get the attention.

Does this group cover more than multifamily real estate?

No. We teach apartment brokerage and passive multifamily investing. However, the sales tools and techniques can be applied to all real estate sales positions.

How long does it take to complete the program?

MCP is self-paced. You are not required to complete it in any certain amount of time. You may work as fast as you like or as slow as you like, but for someone working diligently, week by week, it can be completed in as little as 8 weeks.

How long do I have access to the program?

You get lifetime access to the video courses!

What software does Cameron recommend?

We recommend one paid third-party software for your property and investor database information. As their affiliate you can get two counties for the price of one which costs $120/month. You can cancel at anytime and they let you import the data to keep the costs very affordable!

How in-depth does the material go on the financial analysis side?

Very. You only need the equivalent of 9th-grade algebra to “crunch the numbers”. We will dissect each line item on the provided underwriting template.

How often (and how long) are the weekly coaching calls? Are they recorded?

We hold a weekly coaching call that is scheduled for 1 hour. However, Cameron will go as long as needed to answer all your questions on every call. 

How many students are on these calls? Will there be enough time for my call?

We try to keep the live call groups small. Typically 5-10 people. As we grow, I expect to have more students on the call so we will increase the call time or add additional days to make sure everyone gets personal attention and 100% of their questions answered. 

What kind of support is there in addition to the coaching calls?

Each course has its own forum where you can ask questions. We recommend saving all your hard questions for the coaching calls. There is a higher-level elite mentorship program where Cameron spends more time and will offer co-brokering your deals if your deal meets certain guidelines. For more information, please email us at [email protected]

What are my commission expectations?

From a timing perspective you should be earning in as little as 6 months and up to one year. The fun starts after you close your first deal because you will continue closing more and more with each year in the business. Remember, this isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon and a full-time career choice. 

Money-wise, expect commissions in the $100,000 to $250,000 range on each deal. This is gross commission, if your broker has a split and you other costs please deduct that amount for your net profit per deal. 

What is a typical deal cycle?

4-6 months. You have to learn first, and prospect until you find a buyer and seller. It takes a week to negotiate a Letter of Intent. Two weeks to negotiate a contract. 45-day study period and 45-day close. 

What payment methods are supported?

Paypal and Stripe. Wire transfers also work. 

Can I apply to Cameron’s Brokerage, CCRE?

Yes! In fact, Cameron created MCP to train his agents and he’s hiring right now. Apply at: https://www.cameronscre.com/hiring/.

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