Build your own multifamily portfolio

A step-by-step multifamily investing system to generate enough passive income so you can quit your job within 1-3 years

About The Program

MCP is 1:1 mentorship and training to jumpstart your career in real estate investing.

Learn to find, underwrite, fund, renovate, refinance, and manage cash-flowing apartments.

Investor training
We teach step-by-step how to buy your first apartment complex and build a track record so you can raise money from outside investors for larger deals that scale. Mastering this means you only will need to invest 10% of the equity.

At the end of this program, you will be able to target the right deals, the right financing, and be pointed in the fastest direction that leads to buying a cash flowing apartment portfolio that replaces your current income and sets you and your family up for retirement.

What’s Included

  • The Multifamily Academy – Over 100 self-paced video course including multifamily 101 (terms, lingo, and formulas), financial underwriting (how to make assumptions), and how to find off-market deals close to your home. 
  • Weekly coaching calls: 1-hour on Zoom with Cameron every week, and when you need me! 
  • Tap into our vendor network: Lenders and inexpensive property software software
  • Document templates: Sales letter to get off-market deals, Financial Underwriting template and checklist ($1,900 value),  letter of intent ($1,500 value),  operating agreement ($7,800 value), equity raising offering, personal financial statement and REO, due diligence checklist, and lender checklist, and off-market commission agreement ($1,500 value),
  • Marketing Material Review Property flyer, offering memorandum, broker opinion of value

Institutional Quality Curriculum


Multifamily 101

Learn all the terminology and concepts so sellers, investors, and brokers will talk to you without asking for “proof of funds”


Opportunity Targeting

Learn which type of deals to target and how to find them in your submarket. Learn what to look for on tours and how to choose the right loan.


Deal Analyzer

Learn how to crunch the numbers using our template, what assumptions to use, how to analyze a T12 and rent roll. 


Portfolio Accelerator

Close a deal to build a case study for your “track record” then then raise equity (syndication) and structure JV partnerships.

BONUS! Commercial real estate agent training – Prospecting and lead generation hacks, email and phone scripts, setting up your own brokerage to earn 6-figure commissions, and partnering with clients on inside deals, marketing properties, software, and much more!

Your Instructor


Cameron spent 20 years as the president of a boutique multifamily brokerage in Washington DC where he and his team sold 60,000 apartment units totaling over $6 billion dollars. He was their top sales person and spent the last 10-years training new agents.

Cameron started MCP because during COVID he was forced to train new agents online, so he decided to open up the education to the world! The program has 100 tutorial videos, real case-studies from Cameron’s brokerage, and the most comprehensive real estate agent sales training in the world. 


“I closed the third largest deal of 863 units during covid and earned $1.4m in commission. This was the third largest sale in the Mid-Atlantic market in 2020. We used Cameron’s note taking system in combination with his follow-up blueprint to get deal control.”

– Jeff Kim

“I made a $87,000 commission off of a 24-unit deal I landed 3 months after program completion.”

– Bobby Moorman

“I’m in a unique position where I already made 6-figures and wanted to invest into apartments. I took the coaching program to understand “good vs bad deals” and with Cameron’s mentorship I invested in three deals that make me 18% per year passively”

– Nate Wethje

Our trained agents now work for these brokerages


Have a question about our coaching program? Click on one of the questions below to find an answer!

How much is the coaching program?

We provide a TON of value that is priceless because it can save you decades of time. The idea is to help you start on the right foot aimed in the right direction so you avoid making mistakes while you build your empire.

You can expect to make a high 4-digit investment in yourself.

What makes this program different from all other courses, a real estate MBA, CCIM, or training at a brokerage?
In one word: mentorship.

First of all, this is not a course. It’s a high-level coaching program. It comes with several courses to support you, but it’s definitely a coaching program.

What makes it different is that Cameron was able to build a 7-figure brokerage without any help from brand name or institutional deal flow. 

An MBA and CCIM is up to a 6-figure expense without any real-world deals. I doubt your professors make 6-figure commissions and have been in the real-world for the last 20 years hustling deals and having the pulse of the market. Plus, when you graduate you have debt and no career path. MCP allows you to start right away without requiring a job. You can start on your own from your house for 1/10th of the cost and so much actionable knowledge, with support once you are doing live deals. 

Sadly, most real estate brokerages have pitiful training. Further, in exchange for it, they will charge you up to 50% of all the deals you ever make!!! Yes, your split can improve but even at 80/20 that’s 20% on every deal you give away for free. 

So if you’re someone who wants to learn from the best in the business and someone who has created dozens of 6-figure earners and millionaires from scratch, with the need of a large brokerage, then this program is for you.

Can I take this course with a spouse/friend/sibling?
Yes! But we will only provide one login and only one of you can ask questions on the coaching calls. This coaching program is about personal attention so unless you both sign up please expect only one of you to get the attention.
How in-depth does the material go on the financial analysis side?
Very. You only need the equivalent of 9th-grade algebra to “crunch the numbers”. We will dissect each line item on the provided underwriting template.
How often (and how long) are the weekly coaching calls? Are they recorded?
We hold a weekly coaching call that is scheduled for 1 hour. However, Cameron will go as long as needed to answer all your questions on every call.
How many students are on these calls? Will there be enough time for my call?
We try to keep the live call groups small. Typically 5-10 people. As we grow, I expect to have more students on the call so we will increase the call time or add additional days to make sure everyone gets personal attention and 100% of their questions answered. 
What payment methods are supported?
Paypal and Stripe. Wire transfers also work.